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Skinningrove in the 1950s — 5 Comments

  1. The Library was originally in the Working Mens Institute second room on the left
    Mr Willis was the Caretaker.Although he only had one leg he was too fast for us kids so we behaved ourselves.
    Josh Scott and his wife Eileen had Timms followed by Maurice Grout. Josh was the first man to own a car in the village

  2. P.S Mr Trembath assisted Mr and Mrs Lacey runing the Sunday School.
    In the early 50s Miss Little was the primary Head, Mrs Forrest, Mrs Sharp or Sharples and Mrs Willis Formally Tudor were the teachers. Senior School Mr Snowdon Head Mr Temple, Mr Robson and Mrs Proctor the teachers.

  3. mr willis was my granddad and he was also in the miners band he and my gran lived in the institute (tute) house and he took his work as caretaker very seriously my dad george (spuggy) was also in the band so my sister and i felt very privelaged to be allowed to help my mam to polish the instuments happy days

  4. Herbert Trembath was my Dad – before moving to Loftus, he lived in the High Street at Skinningrove. His parents were Richard and Lucy, brother Horace. My Dad was a Local Preacher in the area for 40 years. He worked at the steelworks as a boilersmith until a bad accident there meant he was unable to continue that line of work, he later became caretaker for Carlin How Primary School.

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