left to right  Gladys Walker,  Eva  Yarker,

Dorothy  Pearson

all sisters nee  Nellist.

3 Sisters

Norman with grandparent’s  Annie and  George  Walker, Maude  Dart

Photo taken behind Primrose Hill.

Norman and family

George  Walker, Tom  Wheatman,

Annie  Walker,  Maude  Wheatman.

grand parent's and aunt, uncle.


Grandad  Walker,  Norman. Primrose Hill late 1950’s

grandad and norman


Skinningrove Football  Ball Team.date unknown.

football team

23 Jul 2013

Attached are photographs of Skinningrove people mainly my family.

Scan 5 left to right Gladys Walker Eva Yarker Dorothy (dot) Pearson who
once lived in Stone Row. all sisters nee Nellist.
Scan 6 Myself aged ?  Grandmother Annie Walker, granddad George Walker,
cousin Maude Dart. photo taken behind grandparents’ house Primrose Hill.
Scan 7 Granddad George Walker Great uncle Tom Wheatman Under-manager at
Skinningrove mine for many years grandmother Annie Walker Great aunt
Maude Wheatman. location unknown.
Scan 8 myself and granddad outside Primrose Hill late 1950’s
Scan 9 Skinningrove united football team date unknown.

Norman Walker
36 Primrose Hill.



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