Graham Smith came to Skinningrove in the late 1970s. He has left us a superb study of life in the village then. We would like to thank him for the wonderful memories.

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This picture shows Hutton Street as it was. Bobby and Ivy Garbutt are fondly remember by villagers. They used to live in Furnace Cottages before moving to the end house on Hutton Street next door to John and Jean Spedding. Jim, their son lived on Marine Terrace.


George Holiday with R Noble’s boat

George Holliday at the end of Stone Row with a lovely view of the works in the background

Tommy Whiskers and Major Lightfoo

Peter Kennedy and Mick Hart


Pat Noble and Mrs Noble with Richard and Wendy

Skinningrove Works with Primrose Hill

When was the middle row of Primrose Hill demolished?

This was obviously taken before Health and Safety laws became ludicrous..

pigeon loft


with the works in the background


towards Hummersea



Marine terrace in the background


Midge Purver and Mr Tinkl

pigeon loft


Joe Marsay


Midge purver


Ruth White

Richard Noble and Michael Cox above the fishermen’s huts


Richard Noble and Michael Co

Pauline Clarke



Mr Holliday



Midge Purver and Mr Tinkler


Mr Battersby

Mrs Noble with Richard and Wendy


Graham Smith Photographic Collection — 21 Comments

  1. I will once & awhile get on the computer to see if any new information about Skinningrove has been added. We visited Skinningrove in 2005 in order to research my grandfather’s family who lived in Skinningrove. My grandfather James Hall was born in Skinningrove in Dec. 1880, his mother Annie Elizabeth (Allinson) died in Jan. 1881. Annie’s parents George & Martha (Alan) Allinson ran Timm’s Coffee House. Annie’s husband (my great grandfather) David Hall married 2nd to Mary Jane (Ward) Thornton of Loftus & they moved to America in 1885. I love doing genealogy & learning as much as I can about the Skinningrove area. I have tried to find pictures of the Thomas Hall (David’s brother) farm, but I cannot find any. It was fun to look through the pictues you have posted & see what some of Skinningrove was like even in the early 1950’s. David & Thomas Hall’s parents were William & Mary Hall (they had moved to Skinningrove from Headlam, Durham) & they had the farm before passing it to Thomas Hall. One of your pictures shows the Skinningrove Works from Primrose Hill. Annie & David Hall lived on Primrose Hill when my grandfather was born. Thank you for your site. Sue from America

    • Hi,
      My great grand parents lived in Skinningrove and their first daughter Alice was born there in 1880/1. ggrandfather, george tuckett, came up from Crediton in Devon and married Annie Hammond, born in Normanby. they moved to Butte Montana where George was sheriff (before Morgan Earp). 3 more children born in Butte came back to stokesley by 1901 with annie. George and first born alice have fallen off the radar. maybe george worked as a musician on cunard and died in Crediton after 1911.

    • Hi Sue
      found a william and mary hall at the farm skinningrove
      in the 1911 census. might these be your william hall.have you access to the census if not i could email you the page

      regards wendy
      skinningrove history group

    • Hi Sue
      An advert in the Northern Echo on 8th March 1877 for a sale of farm stock, implements and machinary, at Skinningrove Hall Farm by Thomas Hall. Looks as if he was selling up by the amount that was for sale.
      There is a photo in the East Cleveland Image archive under the heading, Skinningrove from furnaces overlooking Grove Hill and Valley. The senior school is bottom left, the farm is the collection of buildings next to the school.

    • Hi again Sue
      The Allinson connection, i also found a report in the Leeds Mercury Nov 9th 1878 that Martha Allison, Skinningrove, Innkeeper, under the heading Liquidation by Arrangment.

  2. What lovely photos of the Skinningrove I remember as a child.
    My father William Andrew was born there in 1926, he went on to be a Bevin Boy, but my grandparents remained in Skinningrove with their daughter Ann, my grandmother was Alice Harker. I remember walking through the steel works, to get to Salturn side, must be one of the best unspoilt beaches in UK. Looking forward to visiting again next week.

  3. Just been looking at the graet photos.
    My Great Grandparents lived in Skinningrove on Primrose hill. They were the family of Edward Yarker.
    My Great uncle Edward Yarker (Son of Edward) and Aunt Eva still lived in the village in about 1976 when I visited them.
    If anyone is related to the Yarker’s please feel free to get in touch.

    • Hi Chan
      I can remember Mrs (eva)Yarker living in Skinningrove.
      I Lived in the Square a few doors from Mrs Yarker. I now volunteer at the mining museum and have been doing some research on Skinningrove. 1911 census shows Edward Yarker 40 living at 37 Primrose Hill and a miner, his son Richard 14 also working as a horse driver in the ironstone mine. if we can help with any other information on the family please contact the museum
      Colin Hart

      • Hi Colin,
        Thanks for the information. I’ll pop into the museum next time I am in the area. I have a family story to share with you!!

        Thanks again and apologies for the long delay in responding.


    • Hi Chan
      edward yarker was also my great uncle. his sister was annie yarker my maternal grandmother.
      which part of the the family are you connected to.
      wendy found

      • Hi Wendy,
        Apologies for the long delay in responding. I was expecting an email to let me know that a reply had been posted. Sorry.

        Faith Yarker was my Grandfather and is the sister of Annie and Edward & 11 other siblings!

        I suppose we are Second Cousins!

        I would love to know about Annie’s side of the family. If you want my email address let me know and I’ll try and find a way of getting it to you.

        Thanks for getting in touch


  4. Great Photos

    We will have come & visit, I found this website while researching my family tree, my great great grandfather Edwin Jesse Edwards lived in the village in the 1860’s 3 of his children were born there,

    Thomas Edwards (9 in 1871 census)
    Rosina Edwards (7 in 1871 census)
    Edward Edwards (4 in 1871 census)

    In 1871 the family were living in Dewsbury West Yorkshire.
    His older children including my great grandmother were born in Kent the last child born in Kent was 1860.

    The strange thing is I can remember my mother talking about Skinningrove & Redcar & her having relations there,I noticed above the note from Irene Kettle mentioned a William Andrew my mothers maiden name was Andrew ! any information is greatly appreciated.

  5. My father, John William Allinson, was born in Skinningrove in 1899.

    His father, George William Allinson, worked at the steelworks and became Checkweighman (workers’ representative) before leaving in around 1920 to become an official of the National Union of Blastfurnacemen, Ore Miners, Coke Workers and Kindred Trades”.(I think that I have the name right—-I believe that it was the longest one in the TUC!.)

    My father’s mother was Margaret Ann Martin and came from Staithes, I believe.
    They lived in New Company Row.

    One of her sisters (Ivy?)married Tom Wheatman, who I remember when, in 1945 at the age of 70, he was the manager of Loftus Iron Ore Mine and took me down the mine one Saturday morning when he was doing his Safety Inspection.

    Thank you for the photographs; they certainly bring back memories.

  6. Looks like my son Chan beat me to it. I did not realise this website existed until today but I will be a more frequent visitor from now on. I was really interested in some of the posts to my son. One in particular caught my eye, from a Mr. Hart. In the 50’s I used to visit my Granddad and his son and daughter in law, they were called Yarker and I was friends with a boy called Hart. I seem to think his name was Eddie. Time however plays tricks on memory. I would be really interested to hear from anybody who remembers me or Eddie??

    • Hi David if you look for Norman Walker on the web page you will find a photo of your aunt Eva Yarker. Sadly Norman died last week.

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