Skinningrove History Group has gathered over several years hundreds of photographs and recorded interviews and stories. They create a colourful and rich history of Skinningrove and the people   who have lived in the village. We aim to conserve and promote, economic and cultural history of the village and surrounding areas, and provide access to our resources through the web-site.

Our aims are to develop an archive containing .

Census Information 1841-1901

Photographic Material

Documentary Information

Recordings of local residents   

In 2006 the group produced and published    SKENGRAVE  a book containing written,  photographic, and recollections of villagers.                                                                                                  

The group held a display of school log books covering the war years.

Maps showing the development of the village.

Photos    comparing past -present.

Brief biographies of local residents.


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  1. How do you join the history group? I was born and raised in Skinningrove (46 the High street) and would love to Know more about my family in the village pre 1950.I would especially like to find photos of my grandparents George and Eliza Mackinder (97 Chapel Street)
    Maybe your group could help.

    Thank you
    Aldona Cummings nee mackinder

    • Hi Aldona
      photo of your gran in skinningrove people. this is the only photo we have found. IT is Heritage open day on friday 7th september, there will be a guided walk around skinningrove , will you be able to come.

      Regards wendy Duck

  2. Myself and a friend recently visited the museum and enjoyed it .Neil asked locals about a BBC programme Look Stranger from the 1970’s about the village and its pigeon lofts – Neil has been a pigeon man.
    We cannot seem to source a video of this programme.Any ideas appreciated!

    • I have not heard about this programme but will certainly ask the group on Monday 25/06/12. Will let you know what we can find out.

      • Hi – I’m Phils friend and it was me that saw the original program back in the early seventies. I have tried several avenues to locate a copy of it.

        Have you had any luck?

        Apart from my interest – it would be a very good resource for your group as it was wholly devoted to the pigeon men of Skinningrove around 1972 and featured the village throughout the program.

        The BBC don’t provide copies of programs to individuals but, as a group of your nature, you may be able to apply.

        Best wishes Neil

        • Hi All
          I’ve watched a copy of this programme just last year but cant remember who lent it to me. Will start asking around.

          • Thanks. We have not been able to find anything about this so would be grateful for any help.

    • hi there. we have the program look stranger on video. i taped it when repeated on bbc 2 in the early 90s. my mam yuonne caley and my sister diane soloman are on that video. 🙂

  3. Hello there, I discovered your web site by the use of Google even as looking for a comparable subject, your web site came up, it seems to be great. I’ve bookmarked to favourites|added to bookmarks.

  4. Hi There,
    Having retired early from ICI in 1990. I took up Videoing as a hobby. One of my projects was to film the strengthening of the sea defences at Skinningrove 1991-92. As the beach area was a construction site I needed permission from the contractors to do so. They said yes and I began filming the work. I was there from the first load
    of granite blocks deposited on the beach to the last of the heavy equipment leaving the area. There are local views of the Skinningrove area, village housing etc, clips of the beach and jetty from the clifftop, views taken from the jetty etc. I’ve now put the film on DVD and it has a running time of 3hrs.

  5. I was born in skinningrove and have written two books relating to the Grove. I am currently working on a novel set around the time the mining idustry began. I wonder if you could help me? could you tell me when the Hospital opened and when High st,Chapel St and Cliff Terrace were built. I like to be as factual as I can be. thank you John Kennedy

      • Thanks that,s a start. The term the new Klondyke seemed an appropriate name. In a five year period a village sprung from virtually nothing. I pity the poor original villagers who were residents at the time. have you read my book ” Yesterdays Child” Sheila in the Post office should have some/John

          • Next time I am through at the grove. Billy Hewison is my brother in law and Marion Kentfield is my niece I could bring a copy through for you. It can be bought direct from spotlightjmkend. They cost £6.50 from me direct but more from the net.Let me know .my e-mail is

    • Hello Annie

      What is now Timm’s Coffee House was built as Skinningrove Hall in 1704 by
      the Easterby family. Apparently, if you look above the front door you’ll
      see a plaque with an inscription ‘F.E. 1704’. Skinningrove Hall later
      became the country residence of the Maynard family (and it was A.L. Maynard
      who later discovered the first ironstone mine in Skinningrove). In the
      early 19th century Skinningrove Hall was developed by the Maynards as a
      hotel. It was then that it acquired the name of Timm’s Coffee House, A.L.
      Maynard giving it this name after visiting Fleet Street in London where
      coffee houses were popular at the time.
      The source of this information is a study booklet ‘Skinningrove: an
      educational study’ published in 1985.
      Hope this helps
      I will post photos of Tims and the village for you on the web site.

      Regards skinhist6

  6. I possess some plans of the steelworks site which I would like to see saved if they are not already duplicated. Can you advise who I could contact ? Harry Tubbs, Tel. 01453 860 194

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